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Established 27 years ago, Pacific Trustees Singapore (PTS) is a member of the Pacific Trustees Group International, an award-winning trustee group based in Kuala Lumpur with operations in Malaysia, Labuan and Singapore. PTS has cultivated years of experience to provide you a diverse, best-in-class range of services in institutional trust and private wealth in Singapore.


Pacific Trustees has been delivering the best financial services within the industry for more than 27 years. Our proven track record in both debt and capital markets has won us numerous awards and recognition. With our strength and qualities , Pacific Trustees is here to deliver  solutions most appropriate to all your special needs.


Pacific Trustees maintain a number of licenses in various jurisdictions to act as a professional and independent trustee. Pacific Trustees also offers a wide range of services and financial solutions to meet our clients' complex needs. Our robust team of professionals with profound expertise in Singapore are always ready to provide their professional advice and services to our clients to accommodate their complex needs.


As one of the top trustees in Asia Pacific, Pacific Trustees stays vigilant in adapting to the fast-paced business environment in the financial industry and we closely monitor the regulatory policies in Singapore to provide efficient and immediate solutions to our clients.


Being an independent trustee in various jurisdictions, the operation of Pacific Trustees is strictly regulated by the local authorities and complies with the international standards. We act as Trustees for various services including debt capital market services, fund services and REIT services. We are trusted by our clients and have a total of SGD 200 million fund in nominal value in Singapore within a span of 4 years. With our dedication and commitment to fiduciary responsibility, Pacific Trustees will continue to demonstrate our best service to our clients.

Why Choose Pacific Trustees?

Our Services

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Institutional Trust

Institutional Trust deals mainly with capital market transactions involving multiple parties for which we provide our trust services. We also offer corporate services such as independent directorship, independent share trustee, company secretary, registered office and accounting services to special purpose vehicles (SPV) through our affiliate companies.

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Private Wealth

A private trust is set up for a private and non-charitable beneficiary (the person or entity which receives the equitable title in the property). The key objective of a private trust is to provide for the maintenance, education and benefit of the settlor’s loved ones, such as children and grandchildren.


Pacific Trustees Singapore’s appointment by GSH Corporation as Trustee of their Bonds represents our first appointment as a Trustee of an SGX-listed retail bond.

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