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Pacific Trustees Singapore has provided Singaporeans with a diverse, best-in-class range of services in institutional trust and private wealth for almost a decade. We are a member of the Pacific Trustees Group International, an award-winning regional trustee group with 28 years of track record, with presence in Malaysia, Labuan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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Our Services

Our Services

Individuals can set up a trust for private and non-charitable beneficiaries (the person or entity which receives the equitable title in the property). Through a private trust, the settlor – which is the term accorded to the individual who established the trust – will be able to provide for the maintenance, education and benefit of the his or her loved ones, such as children and grandchildren.

We provide top notch trust services to support capital market transactions involving multiple parties. We also offer a wide array of corporate services such as independent directorship, independent share trustee, company secretary, registered office and accounting services to special purpose vehicles (SPV) through our affiliate companies.

Pacific Trustees provides a comprehensive range of assurance, administrative, corporate secretarial and support services to local, multinational, as well as private and corporate clients. Among the corporate services offered include the formation, registration and administration of corporate vehicles, and the provision of corporate secretarial, directorship, registered office, accounting, banking and on-going business administration services.

Business Opportunity

Transform your business with our exciting licensing opportunity! We’re seeking passionate and performance-driven candidates to be a Pacific Trustees Licensee to market our products and services*.

* "Licensees are not permitted to give any specific advice to clients on Trust matters as this will be undertaken solely by Pacific Trustees"


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