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Management Team

Madam Mari-Len NGU.jpeg

Madam Mari-Len NGU who holds the Managing Director, Head of Group Regional Client Coverage position has 20 years’ experience in Trust and Fiduciary industry and Corporate Governance, leading the Private Clients team in Hong Kong, Singapore and Jersey Channel Islands where she works physically and develop an international workflows and processes within those jurisdictional applicable laws and practices. She subsequently Head the Corporate Secretarial, APAC in year 2014 where she worked with TMF Group (formerly Equity Trust). Her experience includes International Corporate Structure planning in cross boarders’ transaction and business expansion.


She has been interviewed by the Edge Magazine and also invited to be the keynote speakers at international events in HK, Ho Chi Min, Bangkok, to name a few, focused on Wealth Management/ Labuan IBFC’s structures, as well as its commercial and financial products and to promote Labuan IBFC as the preferred midshore jurisdiction in Asia.


She’s from the field of medicine and also a graduate Diploma in International Trust Management from the Central Law Training, United Kingdom; Advance Diploma in Trust Law and Practice, Company Law and Practice, Trustee Investment & Financial Appraisal and Diploma in Trust Accounting for both STEP, UK and London Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


Mari-Len is a Licensed Secretary by the Companies Commission in Malaysia and a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioner (STEP) in the UK. She is an Office bearer holding a Treasurer position for STEP Malaysia Branch from 2016 - 2024, and also for the Association of Labuan Trust Companies holding a Treasury position from 2016 to 2023.


Mari-Len is an Approved Trust Officer under the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act, 2010.  


Prior to joining Pacific Trustees Group International, she was the Director, Head of Labuan Business for the Tricor Group.

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