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Why Choose
Pacific Trustees?


Pacific Trustees has delivered and will continue to deliver the best financial services for our clients. With a proven track record spanning more than 28 years in both debt and capital markets, we have won multiple industry awards and recognition. We continue to strive for excellence as we deliver bespoke solutions to cater to the rapidly evolving financial landscape.


Pacific Trustees holds a number of licences in various jurisdictions to act as a professional and independent trustee. We also offer a wide range of services and financial solutions to meet our clients’ most complex needs. Our robust team of professionals with profound expertise in Singapore are always ready to provide their professional advice and services to our clients to accommodate their evolving needs.


As one of the top trustees in Asia Pacific, Pacific Trustees is always vigilant in monitoring the changes to the fast-paced business environment in the financial industry. This vigilance in monitoring changes to the constantly evolving financial landscape, as well as regulatory policies in Singapore, ensures that we remain relevant and on top of our game in order to provide efficient and immediate solutions to our clients.






We act as Trustees for various services, including debt capital market services, fund services and REIT services. We are trusted by our clients and have achieved a total of SGD200 million fund in nominal value in Singapore within a span of five years.

Being an independent trustee in the different jurisdictions we operate in, the operation of Pacific Trustees is strictly regulated by the local authorities and complies with international standards. With our dedication and commitment to fiduciary responsibility, we will continue to deliver our best efforts to our clients.

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