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Debt Market

  • Bond Agency

  • Bond Trustees

Pacific Trustees provides bond trustees and bond agency services that are solely needed for the dynamic engineering of your corporate financial needs. We act as a facility agent, security agent and payment agent for all type of bonds and debt capital instruments in Singapore. As an experienced independent bond trustees and bond agency in the industry, Pacific Trustees is motivated to represent bondholders in safeguarding their interest and avoid litigation arising from bond issuers in day-to-day transactions.


In addition, we are appointed as a bond trustees by the GSH Corporation and Country Garden Singapore to facilitate their corporate bond administration in Singapore which includes services such as registration, transfer and payment of bonds. In the event of unforeseen incidents, Pacific Trustees's role as fiduciary will adhere to the terms and conditions of the indenture and act on behalf of our clients to make sure that their problems will be dealt with in accordance with local laws and regulations.

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